My Own Medicine


Brotherly Love

Yesterday I asked my ten-year-old granddaughter, Sidra, to paint a picture of what she thought Science Camp would be like. She did a bang-up job, rendering a representation of Cabin 4, where she’ll be staying, a tree and a sign that said ‘Science Camp’. She added two beakers, an homage to the ‘science’ in Science Camp.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Having asked Sidra to put her imagination in visual terms, I can’t very well avoid the challenge myself. So I asked myself to think about how to visualize my time with my grandchildren.

Here is my thinking: William is a boy. Boy = blue. Sidra is a girl. Girl = pink.  I know, how much more stereotypical can I be?  So I started with a redish pink blog and a blue blob. I surrounded these watery watercolors with a lake of more water in which infused a warm yellow. I finished up…

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