“Hypertension-A silent killer”

While studying a number of Patho-physiologies,a brief description of signs and symptoms are available in a large variety of text.But as far as “Hypertension” is concerned,it is the most dangerous aspect of this disease,that the individual does not know that he is a victim of this disease,as there are no prominent existing signs and symptoms.


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ZINC-“The story of Mega-functions of a Micro-nutrient”


The complexity of Human brain resembles to that of a dense Ash tree.The cross-linkage between the neurons with a main trunk -the Axon,collectively forms the nervous system.This network of neurons is involved in the synaptic transmission,as a result of neural activity,new pathways are developed.The Facilitated and Inhibited pathways,develops a neural circuitry.These new pathways are known as,’Memory Traces’.

From this Complicated Process,the situations,conditions,time,place and ideas are stored in the form of “Memories”. Human brain has many parts,in which,The cortical region and Hippocampus are involved in the Spatial learning and behaviors.But for the proper functioning of all parts of Brain,better Diet is prerequisite.The word ‘Better-Diet’ involves the utilization of both Macro as well as Micro-nutrients in equivalent proportions.Macro-nutrients are involved in building up the Mega-structures of human body and micro-nutrients play a major role in providing Balance to human life. The well-known eight essential trace elements,are like the eight notes,in an octave of music.Where music sounds incomplete without them,The human Body is also Incomplete without having these eight essentials.As Iodine is necessary for better thyroid functions,Copper helps in Collagen Synthesis,Chromium is needed for Glucose-metabolism.Selenium is a part of Glutathione peroxidase chain,working as an Anti-oxidant(free radical Scavenger) acts as Anti-aging agent.Iron is involved in heme synthesis,Fluoride is required for strengthening the Teeth,Manganese is an essential element for cartilage synthesis.

As for the Zinc ,it is a newly recognized micro-nutrient,which plays an incredible role in human physiology and has a very interesting background story.

  • Early in 1869,A chemist from the university of Lyon (France),Professor Jules Raulin,observed that zinc was utilized by the fungus “Aspergillus Niger” for its growth.Prior to that zinc was not considered as a ‘growth-element’. In 1926,Zinc was reported to be essential for the growth of large Vascular plants.
  • Then in 1934,Conrad Elvehjem,Wilbert Todd,and Edwin Hart Reported that, Zinc is required for the growth an development in Rats,after a research on rats with Zinc utilization in Wisconsin.
  • 1955,was the year in which Zinc was reported for its therapeutic effect,when Tucker and Salmon reported for the first time,that zinc is useful in curing the skin lesions which occurred in ‘Parakeratosis disease’,which affected a large number of Swines.
  • While,Savage and O’dell  observed a better growth of Poultry when Zinc was provided in a proper proportions(1958).
  • A clear evidence of Human Zinc Deficiency began to Emerge During the early 1960’s,when Dr.Anada Prasad,first reported cases of dwarfism and delayed sexual maturity(Hypogonadism),among the middle Eastern Adolescents.

Recently a study was carried out on Rodents,in a University of Germany,in order to determine the Effects of Zinc Deficiency in the mental-Growth and Spatial learning behaviors.Apart from the Teratogenic Effects,when Zinc deprived rats were subjected to Morris water Maze test,they showed a poor memory,whereas the rats with proper zinc-Diet were able to locate the platform rapidly and efficiently,proved to have a better spatial Learning abilities. Zinc-Deficiency also induces Depression,Observed from FST(Forced Swim Test),where the immobility of animal is taken as a sign of Depression.Besides Depression Zinc-deficiency also contributes to an increased aggressiveness and irritability in both Animals and Humans alike.In one such study,when Zinc-Deficit Rats were subjected to an Elevated plus-maze,the time spent in the open arm decreased,showing that the rats were suffering from aggression and anxiety. According to a Recent research,Zinc helps in gaining body weight,and stimulated bone mineralization and it may be involved in changing the radiographic bone density of mandible. All the Above tests proved that zinc Deficiency results in Emotional alterations,depression,Growth-retardation and a poor memory and learning practices. There are a number of effects that signals zinc-deficiency starting from,the growth of nails,hairs,sense of taste and Smell,High blood Cholesterol,Low blood sugar levels,stunted growth in children,and problems related to male and Female Reproductive system.

463px-ARS_-_Foods_high_in_zincNevertheless,As every lock is produced along with a Key to open it,the Presence of Diseases indicates the presence of Cure along with them.There are a number of Zinc-containing dietary products which replenishes the zinc-deficiencies,including the Seafood,beef,wheat germ(toasted),Spinach,Pumpkins,Squash Seeds,Cashew-nuts,Cocoa,chicken,beans,cooked-white mushrooms,and Almonds respectively.


The Effects of Zinc as an Anxiolytic,has opened a new window in the field of Bio-medical Sciences ,to introduce a new Class-anxiolytics,which will be beneficial for those suffering from Anxiety-disorders.And to bring their lives back to a balanced Anxiety-free life style.

The Darkest Hours of “Ebola”

1408498895000-ebola-virusNo doubt,that medical researches are always in progress and many advancements have been made in the field of Bio-medical sciences,to improve the Quality of life,But everyday is a Challenge for the research workers ,to cope up with a ‘sudden exposure to a deadly disease’.In case of Ebola,one such thing just happened.

It was a Summer morning(1976),in the city of Kikwit,Zaire(population 400,000),A hospital laboratory technician woke up like usual,but he had a fever along with headache,with aching muscle and shoulders,he rushed to his work place and swung his arms in loose circles in order to get rid of this growing pain,but the pain worsen.He felt a heavy fatigue and crampy Abdominal pain,he considered it as Flu,Sweating badly,he filled a cup with water,suddenly his hands showed the trembling movement,A feeling of thorns in his throat grew,as he swallowed,his gut pain intensified along with Hiccups,he rushed to the rest room,with a large bowel movement.There he noticed the bloody diarrhea,and Slumped to the ground he coughed And bleeding started from his nose and mouth.



The Physicians were helpless to determine the cause of this sudden worse condition,suspected that he must be suffering from a perforated bowel but within a two-week period,multiple hospital personnel became ill in his presence,confirming that the disease was epidemic.while they all were having the similar symptoms of high fever,diarrhea,Dysphagia,weakness,hiccups,bleeding from the mucus membrane and the Gastro-intestinal tract.The disease was affecting both male and female alike.

cases-outbreak_fatality (1)

Rectangles are indicating outbreaks, labelled with year. Size is indicating number of disease cases. Color is the degree of virulence.

The first outbreak of Ebola infected over 284 people in Sudan,with a maximum number of deaths,according to a report it was having a mortality rate of about 53%.

Later on,the second Ebola virus strain Reported from Yambuku,Zaire,called as Ebola-Zaire[EBOZ],affected 318 people with a death rate up-to 88% .

Another Strain of Ebola Virus,[EBOR] was reported from Reston,Virginia,in 1989,when infected monkeys were brought to Reston from Phillipines. But those people who once suffered from it ,never showed the sign and symptoms of this hemorrhagic fever again,providing researchers with the light of “idea” in the Darkest hours of Ebola-cure Research.

Then in 1994,the Last Strain of Ebola was reported called as ‘Ebola-Cote d’ lvoire'[EBO-Cl],after the name of a female ethologist,’Cote d’ lvoire’, who accidentally infected herself during the Necropsy on a Dead Chimpanzee (brought from the Tai Forest)

hence The name ‘Ebola’ is given to this RNA Virus,after Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo,Africa.


Electron micrograph of Ebola virus.

This virus affects after binding to the host cell,attack on macrophages and monocytes,depletion of white blood cells and the platelets occur,release of large amount of cytokines which results in an increase in vascular endothelial-permeability,facilitating the viral entry into the endothelial cells,and this results in bleeding and progressing the disease towards death with severe bleeding. Mean time, Ebola destroys the hepatocytes,which further enhances the viral-escape from the body’s immune responses.Replicating in the Cytoplasm,as infected cells secretes more GP,this protein is used to create the ‘surface spikes’ of newly-formed viruses.hence more viruses are produced which results in more destruction of the internal organs,resulting in Death of the individual.

imgf000015_0001This member of Filoviridae family,which are also called as Filo-viruses (as Structurally resembling the Filament),has the incubation period of about 2 to 21 days(while incubation period is the time from the entry of virus into host cell to the onset of symptoms).It is a Popular “Zoonotic virus” i.e the transmission is from animals to human,including Chimpanzees,gorillas,Forest Antelopes,Monkeys,Porcupines,and Fruit-bats.However,person to person contact results in transmission either from the body fluids i.e from Saliva,Sweat,Urine,Vomit,Breast-milk, and Semen (it may remain alive in semen for about as long as three months),and from the needles and other medical equipment used for that individual.


In 2014,Ebola Outbreak Sweeps West Africa,Started with a 2-year old child,after the bite of an infected fruit-bat.Within a week the child and his mother died,and two mysterious Deaths were Reported.The transmission was as rapid as the people in the funeral suffered from the same disease,while the cause was unknown still.



In order to determine the Cause of these mysterious Deaths,A Strong Team of European and African Topical Diseases Researchers,Anthropologists,and Ecologists was established who worked day and night for about three Difficult weeks,to investigate the cause of the Outbreak of this Deadly disease.However,the Bats near the Meliandou (A small Village in Remote Eastern Guinea), were found to be the main source of this epidemic disease.As fruit-bats are widely eaten in rural-west Africa,either as Smoked,Grilled,or in the form of hot spicy soup,the Flesh of these Dead infected bats was the main reason behind the mysterious deaths,which filled the graveyards with dead-bodies of those innocent victims.

The Ebola Virus in Uganda

EBOLA-virus bats

The disease which once started with a flue like symptom,became the deadliest monster for the whole World.But this Monster was found to be non-effective in case of Ebola-Recovered people,as the anti-bodies to fight against Ebola were developed in their bodies.

Prevention from Ebola includes the measures of Avoidance from the sources which results in transmission such as body fluids,needles,medical Equipments and  by keeping a good careful hygiene,refraining from engaging in burial rituals where people come in contact with the dead-body of Ebola Victim.wearing protective gloves,gowns,masks, and protective eye-shield while visiting the Ebola-victims


No matter how fast the research progresses,Still Ebola has no cure or Vaccine,only management is possible to provide Comfort to the victim and increase his Life Span either by,maintaining the blood pressure,managing the balance of  electrolytes in body or providing intravenous fluids to prevent water loss and preventing other infections to occur.

There are Several Organizations involved in the Prevention and Awareness Programs,in order to prevent the Ebola outbreaks further including the FAO,which is working closely with WHO(World Health Organization),to raise the awareness of transmission risks from wildlife among the rural communities,who hunts for the bat-meat.

Kenema, Sierra Leone Sept 2014 Osman Sesay and Kadiatu, 11 (cen

Osman Sesay and Kadiatu, 11 (center holding discharge papers) confirmed Ebola patients to arrive at the newly opened treatment centre operated by the IFRC in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

Nevertheless,a large number of people died in this Epidemic disease,but even in the darkest hours of this hopelessness,there is still a light of Hope in the form of survivors,like Osman Sesay and Kadiatu (Sierra leone),having Sparkle of life in their eyes,they were thankful to the care-providers that in the worse part of their lives,the care-providers were there providing them with food,medicines and consoling them,helping them in surviving in those “Darkest hours of their lives”.


11-year-old Kadiatu after successful treatment.

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My Own Medicine


Brotherly Love

Yesterday I asked my ten-year-old granddaughter, Sidra, to paint a picture of what she thought Science Camp would be like. She did a bang-up job, rendering a representation of Cabin 4, where she’ll be staying, a tree and a sign that said ‘Science Camp’. She added two beakers, an homage to the ‘science’ in Science Camp.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Having asked Sidra to put her imagination in visual terms, I can’t very well avoid the challenge myself. So I asked myself to think about how to visualize my time with my grandchildren.

Here is my thinking: William is a boy. Boy = blue. Sidra is a girl. Girl = pink.  I know, how much more stereotypical can I be?  So I started with a redish pink blog and a blue blob. I surrounded these watery watercolors with a lake of more water in which infused a warm yellow. I finished up…

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long-neck-vaseMost of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only indispensable,but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind”

                                                                                                 ~Henry David Thoreau~

“luxury means a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.”

“While meaning of life is ,the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

Man is always curious to know the real meaning of “Life” from the day he born.starting from his early cave life,to the age of modern Era,he himself is anxious to know what life is?and what it is all about?

In his curiosity he has invented a lot,explored a lot,done a lot but can’t find its real meaning!while God is the writer and director of all his life’s script!just man is performing it down on Earth.In spite of that,he still has some authority to  perform some of his jobs by himself.

In order to live in a Good human friendly way,he has invented and created a lot,according to Marc Jacobs ,if you want to know that what luxury is ?he once said, “Luxury is anything you don’t need, right? I mean, you need food, water, clothing, shelter… but good wine, good food, beautiful interiors, nice clothes; those aren’t  necessities, they are luxuries – it’s all luxury.”

                                                                                                                               – Marc Jacobs            Breakfast-Table

So as you know what is luxury and what is life,here comes a point which reminds me of a poem,i read in my high school classes,it belongs to Coventry Patmore,in which he encoded a scene of a child,whose mother had died and his father scolded him because he had disobeyed him for the seventh time,the child with a heavy hurt and tearful eyes went to his room and fell asleep,his father felt guilty and went to have a look at him,and found him slumbering deep with wet eyes,the father kissed away his tears,and his eyes became wet himself,there was a table drawn beside his head,on which the boy had collected some stuff ,like a box of counters,and a red-vein’d  stone,a piece of glass abraded by the beach,six or seven shells,a bottle with blue-bells,and two French copper coins!the little child had collected all these things just to comfort his sad heart.Although,these things were of no-use for his father,but they were the most precious things for that little boy,a source of joy,a thing for his happiness.These were his precious “TOYS”.But in real these things had no reality.That night the father felt a deep feeling,and he Cried and prayed a lot to God,and he said that as human beings,we have sinned alot,we have always dis-obeyed the great God,in order to gain the bubble reputations of the World,the Comforts,and the so called “luxuries” which are nothing more than  inessential, desirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain.

These luxuries are nothing but worthless “Toys”in front of God.

As the father had forgiven his child,in the same way when human beings will die,God will forgive them for their Childishness.                                                                                                                               images (3)

Now what childishness mean here?

The childishness means  “running for worthless worldly wealth,the act of foolishness involving men to collect those materials which are nothing in front of God but everything to men,the journey to get this “Everything” involves all those acts which are evident for the stupidity of men of all races.The newly branded Cars,Bungalows,Cell-phones and bank-Accounts they have no reality,but Somehow they are affecting human lives.And all these Luxuries have done nothing but dragging human beings away from “life” and “humanity”.In his search for “more Luxurious” he has not only destroyed his life,his peace but also the lives of others.

“Everyone was born with a word so called “life” and real meaning of life is basically to be more beneficial for others,to be more creative,to stay happy and peaceful and much more contented and most importantly its all about a pleasant journey.”

Here i remember a story,A group of university graduates came to meet an old professor,they all had a same problem,that in their running lives they had forgot to laugh,to love and to live.The professor was an intelligent person,he asked them to have a cup of tea with him,then after a couple of hours he came in,with a tray having totally different types of cups,having hot tea in it.Suddenly everyone started to grab that cup which was the most beautiful of all,and like usual this competition ended with regret and sad faces .So the Professor came to conclude it to them,that in their competition for “the best” they forgot “to enjoy”,because everybody had to have the tea,what it was meant for,but in their thirst for the best ,they forgot about the tea and ran for the Cups which had no value,Every cup had the same Tea in it.they forgot their aim which was to enjoy the tea.

This was the real reason!In this busy World Everyone is running to attain the highest Rank,the best position and the best of all Luxuries,and thus in their Thirst for bubble reputation ,they forgot to live the Life at its full.                                                                               .

the reality of this World is that,we are here for a very short period of time and in this time we keep on running for nothing,we forgot to laugh,to love,to think,to create,to feel,to help,to breathe and to live “ simply we forgot the true meaning of life”.

Moreover the Status differences has not only divided the people,but also destroyed most of them.God has created all men from Dust and in Dust everyone will be buried. Nobody.Nobody will have these luxuries along in their graves,and in the end all graves will be of the same sizes.

But these status-luxury difference has made all men to forget the true meaning of Humanity,Everyone is trying to Achieve the best position,by being so selfish for this one cause he is creative-Enough to betray anybody near his limits.To secure his own “future” he is Strong-Enough to destroy the “present” of his loving-ones,to make his own self a Legend he is Destroying the struggling ones.

The mistake most people make about finding the meaning of life is searching for the answer instead of living it at its full!                                                               images (1)

So it is necessary to “Live the Life ”with its true meanings,with all the basic requirements being fulfilled,with having a smile on one’s face,a heart that beats and feel things around,a mind which can Create and help others,a body Strong-enough to bear the problems,to hold ones hand from falling,and to heal the sick.It is not necessary to have all the Luxuries,but its essential to live the life happily.